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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Delyn Grey’s “Set Me Free”

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Toronto-located alternative music artist Delyn Grey may be relatively young in years, but she boasts a mature and assured sound and vision. Grey’s passion is making music, and despite the naysayers who tried to crush her hopes when she was only fifteen, she believed in herself and made her dreams come true.

Grey constructs her songs with a foundation in grunge and alternative rock, but adds catchy pop melodies, astute ‘real world’ lyrics, and at times electronic, Americana, and/or R&B elements to the mix.

The singer-songwriter recently released anthem “Set Me Free,” a song she wrote and produced about self-empowerment. The lyrics speak to her struggles and resilience in the music field.

Grey also dropped an engaging music video for the track, which can be seen below.

In the music video she performs the song with indomitable spirit to a vast and empty cornfield – but she gives it her all, even though there’s no (human) audience there. And near the end, with the cornstalks rustling in the breeze, the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd can be heard.

The video takes on added meaning as well during these COVID-19-plagued times, shining a light on a determined musician who rises above the challenges thrown her way, including the absence of live shows in front of large gatherings of people.

Grey gives some insight into her song’s intent, explaining, “This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been made to feel like their passion is pointless. Put the work in, people! Regardless of the goal, the experience alone will be worth it. Grab the reins and hold on tight.”

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