Twenty CURRENT Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About

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We here at SEM have offered you quite the parade of vintage post-punk in the past few months, from singles to albums to a list of best cover versions – all of which will likely see second chapters in the coming months – and that’s all well and good except it might leave the impression that everything post-punk worth hearing is all in the past, glorious, ambered (if rather angular) icons of a legendary moment in musical time that occurred thirty-five years ago or so. But of course that’s most emphatically not the case. Any movement that, well, moved people as vividly as that original eruption, that flashed with such energy, inspiration, and bloody-minded intelligence, will continue to flare long after its initial rush has subsided. There hasn’t, in fact, been an ensuing decade when the spirit of the thing hasn’t come back and ignited another generation of young musicians that find themselves suddenly in its thrall. As it happens, we are indeed going through one of those resurrections right now, and it’s a particularly potent one. So, in continuing our post-punk public service, we present to you twenty of the best young bands (hence no Fall, Stranglers or Wire in here) currently shooting off their incendiary sparks, and where they’re from. The single criterion for inclusion was that the band has at least an EP to their name (most have multiple albums, for which you’ll find links down below), and please know that winnowing this list down to twenty was no easy task, which can only portend, yes, another chapter for this installment as well somewhere down the road.

EAGULLS  (Leeds, England)




THE CALLAS (Athens, Greece)


HOLOGRAMS (Stockholm)


VÅR (Copenhagen)


THE SOFT MOON (San Francisco)




SOVIET SOVIET (Pesaro, Italy)




TRAAMS (Chichester, UK)








ELL V GORE (Toronto)


COLD PUMAS (Brighton, UK)










MODE MODERNE (Vancouver, BC)


Eagulls –

The Estranged –

The Callas –

Holograms –

Vår –

The Soft Moon –

Girls Names –

Soviet Soviet –

Winter Severity Index –

Traams –

October People –

Arctic Flowers –

Frustration –

Ell V Gore –

Cold Pumas –

Lebanon Hanover –

Bernays Propoganda –

Human Tetris –

Motorama –

Mode Moderne –

  • I love Soviet Soviet and Ell V Gore! Great list here, man.

  • guest17

    It’s FYROM not Macedonia

    • Bob

      idiot, you cannot understand and listen punk music with this thoughts and stupid comments like this .. retarded

    • Phil

      Sad sad sad Greek nationalist. Like a kid screaming for attention.

  • 00000

    no We Are Hex? criminal!

  • Joe

    What about Beastmilk? they are lovely

  • allgoodthingscometodie

    Why aren’t Protomartyr here?

  • Dave Cantrell

    Just want to say: There will most certainly, as mentioned in the text, be another list down the road a piece, and I thank everyone for the suggestions. Am well aware of Protomartyr, know We Are Hex, will head over to Beastmilk territory right now. Cheers…Dave Cantrell

  • Candi Dracul
  • Patrick Murphy

    It says “20” bands, not ‘A COMPLETE LIST OF…” – for cryin’ out loud, people, take some Prozac…

  • Björn Norberg

  • Herzegovina Official

    post punk new wave from Brazil 2017

  • disqus_x080xPAsDU

    Thanks, Herzegovina! Hadn’t hit my radar yet, happy that you now have. Cheers!

    – Dave