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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: d’Animal’s “Hear It (Creeping Down the Alley)”

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Dan West of the music acts LoveyDove and Sidewalk Society has returned under the moniker d’Animal, dropping l’Ogic, a new album of orchestrated pop songs via record labels Silber in the US and Powertool internationally.

The creative singer-composer and multi-instrumentalist has crafted a vivid and ornate LP that blends the pop, psychedelic, and orchestral genres and delivers thought-provoking lyrics that explore, among other topics, love, desire, and relationships in these socio-politically restrictive, and destructive, times.

Stereo Embers premieres the music video for lead track “Hear It (Creeping Down the Alley)” off of l’Ogic. The video was directed by renowned LoveyDove partner Azalia Snail and was shot on the streets of Liverpool, England and at the Silver Lake Lounge in Los Angeles.

The sonically swirling “Hear It (Creeping Down the Alley)” is a retro-‘60s-steeped, psychedelic pleasure; a heady trip through swooping guitars and keyboards, dreamily sweet, layered vocals from West, spacey organ press, occasional flitting horns, and an urgent, propulsive drum beat.

The video spotlights West, ummm, creeping down the alleys of Liverpool, lost among a maze of meandering streets. His wanderings are interspersed with performance footage shot at the Silver Lake Lounge. Under the spell of a silver disco ball and blinking colored lights, West sings and gesticulates, dressed in vintage ’70s attire and wrapped in a feather boa.

d’Animal, along with West’s other band LoveyDove, will take the stage on July 14th at 7:30pm at Rock and Roll Pizza in Moorpark, CA and July 19th at 9pm at The Pike in Long Beach, CA. On August 13th at 4pm, LoveyDove will perform in support of singer-songwriter Melanie at Wild Honey Backyard Concerts for Autism Think Tank.


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