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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY – “Keeper of the Dawn” by Ancient River

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On a nexus where the more introspective moments of early Genesis (think Lamb Lies..) intersects with a re-imagined Spiritualized chasing some lost psych-americana┬áspark, slow-dancing in the desert with an errant gleam of crystal, you’ll find Ancient River, James Barreto’s London-by-way-of-Gainesville exploratory music project that now includes, since 2011, Alex Cordova. With a drifting somnolent grace the pair manage to create what might be called a ‘narcotized charge,’ a long soft explosion of fuzzed atmospherics, dub-jazz rhythms, gently-possessed vocals, and a synth-organ through-line wandering off in a shadowy Procol Harum netherworld. Or something. Just have a listen, we promise there’s a unique buzz in here, one that’ll pull your mellow soul in a myriad of directions.

[New album Keeper of the Dawn is released April 14, available here]