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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Ramsey’s “2am”

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L.A.-based electronic artist Ramsey has released a stunning electro-pop noir number that showcases her strikingly electrifying, emotionally intimate vocals. “2am” stealthily, but intensely, creeps through the nocturnal hours when prisoners of desire are wrapped in chains of lust and when passion’s madness flowers like blood red roses.

Ramsey knows of this clandestine time when insomniacs and revelers alike are wide awake. She dramatically channels this secretively carnal time period through her erotically-charged, anxiously raw vocals, darkly shining against a stark electronic backdrop of twisting synths, skittering percussion, and a measured pace of drum reverberation. Ramsey compellingly trembles through her bleak lyrics, sighing despairingly “Inside a dark empty prison / I learn how to love / and I’m taught how to see / the beauty in lust.”