The Next Twenty Best Post-Punk Singles You Probably Never Heard

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Months ago Stereo Embers posted the first list of post-punk singles that likely never graced a turntable near you but of course there was such an abundance of candidates that a second list was all but guaranteed. And well, that next installment has arrived. A modest handful of these might reasonably be considered somewhere near the outskirts of prominent but most were outliers of the most sublime sort. For now we’re going to eschew thumbnail sketches of each artist or band and let the tracks speak for themselves, which we think they do rather commandingly. Is this the final list? It would be advisable, we think, to doubt it. Put your headphones on, clear your calender, and enjoy, it’s fun.

LEYTON BUZZARDS – “Hanging Around”




ARTERY – “Into The Garden”


THE MOODISTS – “Chad’s Car”


WAH! HEAT – “Better Scream”


BASTA ROC – “Monument”


CLOCK DVA – “4 Hours”


MEDIUM MEDIUM – “So Hungry, So Angry”


THE HIGSONS – “I Don’t Want To Live With Monkeys”


NOT SENSIBLES – “I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher”


TONTRIX – “Shell Shocked”


MO-DETTES – “White Mice”


GIRLS AT OUR BEST – “Getting Nowhere Fast”


ORIGINAL MIRRORS – “Could This Be Heaven”


AFRAID OF MICE – “I’m On Fire”


MYSTERE V’S – “Never Say Thank You”




raymilland – “Talk”




GROW-UP – “Joanne”


  • Patrick Murphy

    I love reading articles of this sort, because it really introduces me to some really cool music that I missed back in the day…any chance of a 3rd list?? (maybe a 4th, 5th or 6th as well???) Thanks!!!

  • Alex Green

    Patrick–Thank you for such a great comment. I think our man Dave Cantrell will be definitely be checking in with a 3rd, 4th and possibly a 5th list. His knowledge goes deep! I’m learning along with you!