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LA-Based Hip-hop Hybrid Band High Sunday Dazzles On Attention-Grabbing Debut Single

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Los Angeles-located hip-hop hybrid band High Sunday has dropped “Wonderland”, its sonically dazzling debut single. The multi-member act brings a sizzling magnetism, tuneful melodies, and a lively hip-hop-based energy to its eclectic, genre-busting sound.

Eddie Core, Ike Deezl, Nick Fazekas, Evann Lewis, Nicole Row, Drin Elliot, and Ryan Evangelista add jazz, rock, funk, and even reggae into the hip-hop mix, creating a fresh take on all of those musical styles. Renowned innovators and boundary-breakers as diverse as Outkast, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Eminem have influenced High Sunday’s blended sound.

High Sunday makes a massive and assured statement with its debut single, “Wonderland”, flaunting genre conventions and going to the hip-pop symphonic max in the pursuit of a heady and exhilarating experience. “Wonderland” pushes with a foreboding menace on the verses with intricate, rapid-fire raps peppering the otherwise gentle sprinkle of crystalline synth notes and simmering percussive acrobatics.

The dynamically swelling chorus sections weave various instrumental strands together, rising both lightly and darkly. Flowing vocals harmonies intertwine with grittier raps, symbolically spotlighting the duality that exists within a city, or wonderland, that is both a dream and a nightmare.

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