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EXCLUSIVE Stereo Embers track preview – “Static” off upcoming new Bloody Knives album

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Brooding comes in many colors and moods, mostly dark. The sound Bloody Knives get up to on their new album I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This (not surprisingly, perhaps, given that title), regardless of sharp glistening stabs of icy white guitar and a shimmery production value that reminds of Hugh Jones on an Butch Vig-tinged Wagnerian bender, plumbs some of that bruising emotion’s inkiest depths, no more so than on our featured track. That guitar’s vaulting magisterial quality, the resonating, matter-of-fact despair of Preston Maddox’s vocal, the shadow-stalking bassline and the punishing precision of drum work, the connective shroud of synth sounding like a symphony made out of fog, it’s little wonder the band wanted to push this track out in front of the June 3rd album release on Saint Marie. This is the Jesus & Mary Curve, the Kitchens of Destruction, this is Echo echoing off the massive walls of a fjord in an explosive rush of monochromatic splendor. This, in short, is terrific, and we can’t decide whether we’re more excited by the opportunity to bring it to you or by the track itself, all we know is…we’re excited. Have a click as to why: