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Exclusive Premiere: Blesson Roy’s “Stays With You”

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Our exclusive premiere today is Blesson Roy’s “Stays With You.”

Taken from the upcoming Think Like Spring album, which is out at the end of November via Slow Start Records, the song begins as a wistful and contemplative take on the changing of the seasons. From there it cascades into a churning blast of infectious pop that finds singer Terry Borden (Idaho, Pete Yorn), reminding us that, like it or not, and in the most inevitable of ways, “time moves right through your life.”

And speaking of time, in just under two minutes, Blesson Roy have managed to write one of the catchiest numbers of the year.

“‘Stays With You’ was a journey into dynamics, with the chorus exploding out of the verses,” Borden tells us. “It was a lot of fun and very satisfying to create the verse and chorus as almost two different bits of music that tied together emotionally, but remained separate dynamically.”

Think Like Spring hits shelves November 27th.

Borden will be a guest on an upcoming episode of Stereo Embers: The Podcast.

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