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Electronic Artist Pierce Fulton Reveals His Switch To An Alt-Pop Sound In Creative & Amusing Backstory Video

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Respected electronic artist Pierce Fulton has revealed why he recently switched to the alternative pop genre for his latest EP, Borrowed Lives, in a backstory video directed by Rob Wadleigh that is as imaginative and interesting as his music. Fulton combines his engaging explanatory banter with quirkily creative visuals – and adds a touch of his new tunes to the background.

Fulton was born and raised in Vermont and he was a prodigious talent from early on, quickly learning how to play a multitude of instruments and playing for his family and friends. A defining feature of his sound and vision is his interest in taking concepts from one instrument or music genre and applying it to a different instrument or style.

On top of his already-developed abilities, Fulton also formally learned music theory and electronic production as he grew up. He dove deeply into the works of renowned electronic artists like Kraftwerk and Apex Twin and released his sonically unconventional debut EP at the tender age of 18.

Fulton broke out of the electronic artist pack with tracks like “Where We Were”, “Runaway”, and “Kuaga”, and he also has officially remixed other artists including The Killers to Above & Beyond. He’s had internet and radio success, charting at #1 twice on Hype Machine and snagging the #15 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists.

The electronic artist has since switched gears, relocating to Los Angeles and delivering an alternative pop-oriented EP earlier this year. While he still brings all his skills from the electronic/dance field, he’s now expressing himself fully with his new project. As Fulton explains in the video, he’s pushing himself creatively by singing, writing, and creating all the material on Borrowed Lives – and putting his lyrics and vocals front ‘n’ center in the alternative pop format.

It’s really fun to watch the video Fulton has crafted, even though it’s not a music video in the traditional sense. The strains of his recent song “Pantheon” can be heard, but the focus is on Fulton’s words and the weird real life and animated going-ons. While Fulton relaxes on the sofa and calmly and clearly explains his musical mission statement, he can also be seen in the kitchen whipping up a *special* batch of cookies, which he later tastes. Things get even stranger from there: multiple copies of Fulton can be seen in certain shots, his live Betta fish Bo turns into a computer animation, and then suddenly the mood gets quite eerie…


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