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Dixie Dregs Live In New York

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The legendary Dixie Dregs stopped by the Capitol Theater the other night (March 12) to play an inspired set of real roots music.

The Georgia outfit has been around for nearly fifty years and they still play with all the blazing fire of youth.

Comprised of Steve Morse, Andy West, Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan, M.D. and Steve Davidowski, these guys are real virtuosos and their compositions are flecked with jazz, hard rock, Americana, prog and classical music. It makes sense that they all met as students at the University of Miami’s School of Music–after all, each number is a textured turn into complex composition.

They haven’t put a studio album out since 1994, but every song sounded fresh and filled with musical grace. Morse remains as dexterous a player as ever and the rest of the ‘Dregs were equally impressive. Each jam was stratospheric and cool, each note redolent with thought and preternatural musical sense.

And, as a surprise, both Warren Haynes and John Scofield showed up to jam with the guys at the encore!

It was a great night.