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Prince’s Dirty Mind Played In Its Entirety By Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

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The other night at the Capitol Theatre in New York, Angelo Moore of Fishbone teamed up with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe to play Prince’s landmark album Dirty Mind in its entirety.

Moore is, quite simply, the greatest frontman in the business and teaming up with Denson and his band was a natural fit.

Released in 1980, Dirty Mind is Prince’s third record and contains such well-known tracks as “When You Were Mine,” “Partyup” and the sizzling title track.

Fresh of a tour with the ‘Stones, Denson and his band–Richmond guitarist DJ Williams, Soulive drummer Alan Evans, Greyboy Allstars bassist Chris Stillwell, Crush Effects David Veith on the keys, Seattle’s Chris Littlefield on trumpet/slide and and lap steel guitarist Seth Freeman–were in fine form.

And you couldn’t take your eyes off of Moore, who stormed across the floor with a dapper, funky elegance.

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