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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: The Laughing Hearts’ “Fast & Free”

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A few weeks after their EP Fast & Free came out via Totally Real Records, Chicago-located rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Laughing Hearts are releasing the music video for the EP’s sonically casual, yet lyrically pointed title track.

Stereo Embers is pleased to host the premiere of the engaging, filmed-in-one-take music video today. A lone man celebrates his birthday as he takes some time away from the daily rat race.

Band member Tyler Stock first came up with the idea for the video in the middle of the night when he couldn’t go back to sleep, almost as if it came from his dream. This was his first attempt at writing and directing a music video, which he said took him out of his comfort zone.

The Laughing Hearts’ recent EP was well over a year into the making with the pandemic pushing back their plans. Songwriter Ari Shellist actually wrote this laid-back, but perceptively spot-on track a few years ago to reflect the fast-paced and sometimes exhausting nature of being a live performer in a big city. Shellist relates,“Fundamentally, this song is about the extreme highs and lows of being an artist.”

In the same spirit of the song, the idea behind the video was to capture a slower moment in a fast-paced lifestyle. Stock wanted to portray the feeling that comes with being “on” all the time – so much so that when you are alone it’s hard to slow down and turn it all off. Stock confides, “I wanted to highlight the self-indulgence in this as well, and illustrate a lonely celebration of the self.”

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