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Stereo Embers’ Track Of The Day” Nonviolenze’s “Matrix”

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Nonviolenze is a music and vision project of the multi-talented Shri Baratan. He’s not only a singer, songwriter, and musician, but also a poet, businessman (owner of Ahimsa Creations), and proponent of having a positive outlook on life and taking action to better the self and the world.

As Nonviolenze, Baratan confronts the strife that we all face, whether from society, our close relationships, or even ourselves in the hopes of overcoming challenges and becoming self-aware and self-empowered.

The artist’s most recent album, the ambitious and socio-politically relevant Ghosts of War, came out last fall and he’s been following it up with a run of music videos that promote his meaningful lyrics, ear-catching vocals, and engaging music.

Baratan has dropped a contemplative, yet passionate performance music video for “Matrix,” which spotlights him singing and guitar-playing – but the real focus is on his astute, stream-of-conscious words.

As individuals we are put in categories that define who we are, whether by nationality, race, religion, gender, or income-level – and in the main we believe in these labels – and that we are stuck in this specific region or matrix.

It’s this psychological belief that makes it so difficult for us to change; to break free of pre-conceived notions and to reach for something new and different – and hopefully for the better.

As Baratan puts it, People live in a super-complex matrix. In psychological boxes we exist as members of a nation, religion, class or profession. Born in a certain square in the matrix, migrating to another isn’t easy… [But,] perhaps, the most important thing to know is that – you are only where you think you are in the matrix, a mere prisoner of your own perception.”

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