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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: Ugly Flannel’s “Life Is Chrome”

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Hailing from the cold climes (at times) of Grand Rapids, Michigan, indie rock band Ugly Flannel are releasing a resonant grunge-Americana hybrid track today titled “Life Is Chrome.”

Ugly Flannel started out as the solo project of Benjamin Nguyen (guitar, vocals), but has filled out to include Kate Zacharias (bass, vocals), Athen Erbter (drums), and newest member Luke Start (lead guitar).

Influenced by both punk and rock bands, Ugly Flannel reach out even further for inspiration for “Life Is Chrome,” adding Americana and grunge sonics and feels to the emotive and tuneful number.

Stereo Embers is pleased to host the premiere of the vibrant “Life Is Chrome” as is unhurriedly sweeps by on rich guitar swing (with an assist from Dan Potthast from MU330 on pedal steel guitar) to blazing guitar jags, low-slung bass line, and lively drum strikes.

Nguyen’s heartfelt and emphatic vocal delivery engages, and at the very end of the song he’s joined by Zacharias on backing vocals.

“Life Is Chrome” was produced by Rick Johnson (Cold War Studios) and Adam Cichocki (Timber Studios). The single follows up two albums, To Make Up For The Depleted Oxygen and The Schiller In You.

The band are currently working on a new album that they plan to release later in the year, and with an eye to focus on evolving their already-changing sound.

Nguyen reveals some details about the song, confiding, ““Life Is Chrome” is very important to our sound, as well as changes that have been happening to us over the past few months. It’s a song about burning out and never feeling like you will ever be free. With the way everything is going right now, everybody is quitting their job. Everybody is stressed. It’s wondering what life would be like if you were just free. It’s about when you finally don’t have to worry about how your day is going to be at work or how restless you are gonna be because of all the sleep you lost.”

“When the four of us went into the studio and recorded this song, Kate and I actually quit our jobs. It felt like the right time for me to finally do it. The song was a way to write about how scared and frustrated I was and then finally letting it go. This song is for all of my friends who feel the same way I do. It’s one of my favorite songs we’ve made and I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks about it!”

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