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Jungle Brothers’ Lost Bill Laswell-Produced Crazy Wisdom Masters Album Available For The First Time

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The fabled and unreleased Crazy Wisdom Masters album by hip-hop trio Jungle Brothers can finally be heard.

The Bill Laswell-produced effort was originally rejected by the New York group’s Warner Bros. label.

Laswell helmed the project in 1992 and has just made it available for purchase via bandcamp.

In their discography, Crazy Wisdom Masters was to be the band’s third album.

Jungle Brothers – Crazy Wisdom Masters 

  1. Simple as That
  2. Good Ole Hype Shit
  3. Book of Rhyme Pages
  4. JB’s Comin’ Through
  5. Spittin’ Wicked Randomness
  6. Spark a New Flame
  7. Mysterious Monkey
  8. Battle Show
  9. I’m in Love With Indica
  10. Ra Ra Kid
  11. Peace Ahki