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Guns N’ Roses European Tour 2022: Rocking All Over The Continent

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Guns N’ Roses might be set to tour the world soon, but there will be plenty of anticipation in regards to their upcoming European Tour of 2022.

The American hard rock band have been one of the biggest bands around the world ever since they were formed in 1985, with many of their original members going on to receive cult and legendary status with many in the industry and with music fans.

Whilst the band look a little different these days, many will remember Guns N’ Roses when they consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan and the drummer, Steven Adler.

Guns N Roses Changed the World

There are many that would suggest that the original members of the Guns N’ Roses had changed music and the world when they hit the scene, as there was nothing like the songs that they produced and sang already in the industry.

One way in which they changed the landscape of the world is that they became incredibly commercial for a number of different businesses in entirely different sectors. For example, there have been a number of clothing manufacturers to have benefited from the logo and name of the band, whilst there have been films and even slot games in which a selection of the world-famous songs can be played such as those available at Online Slots PA to have hit the market and provided fans of the hard rock band with various forms of entertainment.

Other ways that the Guns N’ Roses are thought to have made a huge difference was that they made the Gibson guitars popular once again with rockers as they witnessed the band members use them, whilst also helping to pave the way for a number of new metal bands to enter the industry. The Guns N Roses could, perhaps, have also helped with the way rockers looked in regards to their appearance, as the big hair and make-up started to fade away for rockers.

European Tour 2022

Rose, Slash and McKagan all remain with the group to this very day, albeit with the latter duo having had a hiatus, but they have since been joined by Dizzy Reed on keyboards and pianos, Richard Fortus on guitars, drummer Frank Ferrer and Melissa Reese who uses a synthesizer.

Indeed, fans in Europe will be able to get to witness them all doing their thing and performing live on stage in various locations around the continent, with a number of destinations all lined up throughout the summer of 2022.

Starting out in locations such as Lisbon, Portugal and Seville, Spain, fans of Guns N’ Roses will likely be able to hear classic songs such as “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O Mine”, “November Rain”, “Paradise City” and “Live and Let Die” to name just a small sample of their vast library of world-renowned hits.

After completing two dates in the Iberian countries, the hard rock band will head north to Scandinavia, where they will play in Sweden and Norway, before heading to Eastern Europe and performing for their legions of fans there.

All parts of Europe covered

Events in Prague, Czech Republic, Warsaw, Poland, Groningen, The Netherlands, and Dublin, Ireland, all await Rose, Slash, McKagan, Reed, Fortus, Ferrer and Reese before they have three dates in the United Kingdom, with two dates at the beginning of July being played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The final date in the UK will see the Guns N Roses head to Glasgow before they head to Munich, Germany and Milan, Italy.

The Guns N’ Roses European Tour of 2022 will end in Vienna, Austria, and finish off a six-week tour that will likely see hundreds of thousands of music fans be able to see one of the biggest hard rock bands to have ever existed in the world.