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EXCLUSIVE! Flutronix offer Live Mix Tape Download Exclusively via Stereo Embers!

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Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, collectively known as Flutronix and profiled in these pages back in March via this review, return to Stereo Embers Magazine with an exclusive live performance download. Featuring their usual dizzying, inventive, and virtuosic blend of conservatory-trained chops, electronics, beatz, and an unparalleled playfulness, it’s a heady live mix that will thrill your Sunday morning, move your Monday mojo, tease your Tuesday afternoon..well, you get the picture. Perfect for any time day or night, it’s a brilliant performance that scans from percolating and lively to outright lovely to mysterious and haunting. In a word, beautiful. Recorded at the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk VA in March, the performance artfully plunders their recent 2.0 album with a deft confidence that swoons the listener with soulful vocals, masterfully layered arrangements, and an incomparable live presence that makes one envious of everyone there in the theater that evening. Aware that we can’t all be there, the duo have been kind enough to offer us the next best, a high quality download of their performance that marvelous spring evening. So pour your coffee, pour your wine, sit down to dinner, wherever you are in your day, and pull up a listen to two inspired, sublimely blended musicians in the full flush of their virtuosity, empathetic, intuitive, and utterly wonderful. And enjoy the download, it’s on us.