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Exclusive SEM First View – the black watch’s “Beautiful Sleeper” video just released, off upcoming album “highs & lows”

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After rather rapturously receiving black watch’s most recent album sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy back in January, SEM is especially pleased to present the first airing of the video for “Beautiful Sleeper” from the forthcoming followup “highs & lows.” Taking full advantage of John Andrew Fredrick’s professorial status, the piece takes place throughout in the classroom, Fredrick reeling off the lines of lyric in quick chalk scrawls, his hand most assuredly reflecting the decades of teaching that have honed that blackboard wrist. But the primary attraction here is songcraft, and as always JAF neither stints nor disappoints. “Beautiful Sleeper” is a, umm, plum of acoustic-based pop rock, sincere, astute, complete. But as usual, hey, don’t trust us, just listen, and join us in saying, John Andrew Fredrick and the black watch you wind, long may you run.