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Canadian Synth/Electro-Pop Artist VISSIA Shares Vibrant New Album

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On her new album With Pleasure, Edmonton, Canada’s VISSIA finds her sound and purpose, moving on from her early indie folk days and embracing synths-steeped, groove- laden pop songwriting that will make you want to move your body.

It’s a big change for VISSIA who’s been honing her music skills for years. The LP itself took four years to write, and prior to that she had experimented under a variety of solo monikers, and in a group with her sisters.

All that effort has paid off now, and the Canadian singer/songwriter is poised to break out with her new collection.

Opener “Doorway” is soaked in soul music, with VISSIA’s powerful voice on full display over dense synths, bass, and wavering organ press. “My Wom” is a potent anthem to womanhood blooming from a catchy groove. There’s a bluesy quality to the guitar riffs and the sprinkles of keyboard notes, but it’s channeled through an indie pop lens.

On standout “The Cliffs” all the instrumentation intensifies to the exalted chorus, with the accompanying music video being a perfect encapsulation of the song’s nostalgic energy. 

Another highlight is the pulsing electro-popper “On My Mind,” which was inspired by the feeling of a new romance. The song marks a change in mood, as the subsequent tracks continue to build on the late-night dance vibe that’s rife with jagged guitar stabs, dreamily flowing synths, and strictly-paced drum strikes, as well as the low-end bass line grooves that keep the dance rhythm going.

Closer “About Moving On” feels like an apt ending to this batch of tracks, calling back to VISSIA’s days as a stripped-down folk singer, only this time around replacing the acoustic guitars for saturated synths. It’s a moment of reverie at the end of an exciting night out at the clubs.

With Pleasure pulls from ‘70s folk singer-songwriters, ‘80s soft pop, and contemporary bedroom pop artists for a varied and intimate musical experience that makes VISSIA an artist to keep an eye (or, well, ear) on this year.


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