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Art-Pop Artist Silverware Drops Her Introspective And Vibrant New Album

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Ainsley Wagoner has been circulating in various music scenes over the last decade, cutting her teeth as a member of the Lexington, Kentucky-based art collective Resonant Hole before relocating to San Francisco.

Once there, she befriended the constellation of musicians associated with the renowned Tiny Telephone Recording Studios.

Wagoner’s new album No Plans is her latest studio effort under the moniker of Silverware. She teamed up with engineer and producer Omar Akrouche (Worthitpurchase) to whip up her intimate compositions into full-on art-pop delights. 

LP-opener “Daniel” sets the scene with picked guitar and Wagoner’s delicate and emotional voice. The sedate song eventually expands into a full band composition, layered with explosive drumming and gritty analog synths.

The loud/quiet dynamic is put to adept use across the 7-song full length, with single “Take Me With You” starting with crashing cymbals and wailing vocals before settling into a meditative build-up, and then ending with the same powerful climax that kicked it off.

On “Important,” one of several highlights from the album, stuttering drums and a staccato synth melody provide a playful backdrop for Wagoner’s spin on a pop hit. The refrain, “You made me feel important,” becomes a powerful sing-along moment on this lo-fi sizzler. 

And then there’s that jazz vamp to the title track; a mellow respite in the record’s center which recalls songwriters like Julie Doiron or Lucy Dacus. “I Always Get What I Want” builds on this vibe, with soft keyboard notes and synth sparkles that keep the focus on Wagoner’s voice as she ascends to the sky.

In her own words, No Plans is a “…time capsule and love letter to a particular moment in time – of people, place, context, and creative growth.” It’s a set of, “different lullabies to self, that explore the definition of self-worth in a world that isn’t set up to see us in our fullness.”

No Plans is an album about nostalgia and letting go; a process of putting words to paper; a way of moving forward. With No Plans, Wagoner establishes herself as part of the new vanguard of Bay Area artists continuing the city’s legacy of independent art.

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