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Wesley Stace Live In New York

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Wesley Stace stopped by the Capitol Theatre the other night (11/29) to open for Squeeze on their Join The Dots tour.

Although Stace’s newly released album Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding  finds the singer/songwriter backed by the Jayhawks, for this occasion Stace played a spare acoustic set that showcased the intimacy of his music.

Silver haired, wide-eyed and genial, Stace–the artist formerly known as John Wesley Harding (TAFKAJWH)–played a crowd-pleasing set full of humor, wisdom and grace. He’s a master storyteller and his songs are full of heart, his phrasing redolent with the poetic finesse of Paul Simon.

From “Making Love To Bob Dylan” to the rolling “The Devil In Me,” Stace’s set was decidedly winning.