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WATCH NOW: Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone’s Solo Sitar Performance of “Motherless Child”

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(Photo credit Bowen Stead and Daniel Barkley)

Elephant Stone’s highly anticipated third LP, The Three Poisons, comes out on Tuesday, August 26.

Watch frontman, singer, bassist, and sitarist Rishi Dhir perform a solo sitar version of one of the album’s best tracks, “Motherless Child.”

And stay tuned to Stereo Embers Magazine for “Elephant Stone Week,” which commences on Monday, August 25.

We’ll feature two interviews with Dhir on the making of The Three Poisons and on The Beatles. We’ll also review the album, publish a career retrospective of Elephant Stone, and feature Scouting Reports, as completed by Dhir, guitarist Gab Lambert, and drummer Miles Dupire.