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Want to know why KISS won’t be playing live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?

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Because they can’t get along.

Or, more specifically, they can’t figure out which members should take the stage and which ones should stay home.

The original lineup of Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Paul Stanley is the lineup everyone wants to see, but those four haven’t played together in almost fifteen years.

On their official website, the band announced they wouldn’t play the ceremony, calling it, “an emotional situation where there is no way to please everyone.”

The note continues with: “Our intention was to celebrate the entire history of Kiss and give credit to all members, including longtime present members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and additionally Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr all who have made this band what it is, regardless of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame’s point of view…Although Kiss has moved forward far longer without them, Ace and Peter are at the very foundation of what we have built and this would all be impossible had they not been a part of it in the beginning.”

But Ace Frehley wasn’t feeling so good about any of that.

Phoning Eddie Trunk on his syndicated show, Frehely said, “It’s very frustrating. It’s what the fans wanted, it’s what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wanted, and it’s not gonna happen. You don’t want to do something for the fans after 40 years of them supporting you?”

A fair question, no?