Track of the Day: Scott Warren’s “Life”

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Our track of the day today is Scott Warren’s “Life.”

The former frontman of the roots rock outfit Signal Hill Transmission, Warren’s solo career has already yielded two marvelous albums: 2012’s Dyed In The Wool and 2009’s Quick Fix Bandage, which was Stereo Embers’ Album of the Year.

A songwriter of tremendous sensitivity and heart, Warren has the finesse of Paul Simon and the pop sensibility of everyone from Paul McCartney to Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook. His compositions range from lush, breezy numbers or spare and aching acoustic ballads that are crushing in their hushed restraint.

Warren’s new single “Life” is a gentle meditation on how hard it is to be a person and how the daily struggles and rocky roads we wander up and down in our lives can be tricky. But the song’s conceit–that we can make it if we take those roads together–makes this one of the most soul-affirming tracks of the year.

Not only that, but if you’re still in the habit of making mixes, throw this one on and somebody’s going to love you for a long, long time.