Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: “Currency” by The Black Angels

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“Currency” is the first single from The Black Angels’ fifth album, Death Song, which is due out on April 21. It’s the Austin psych rockers’ first album since 2013’s Indigo Meadow.

The track represents an album that finds the Angels at their heaviest, with the band reportedly taking the “Trump Era” as its inspiration.

Somewhat reminiscent of Passover and Directions to See a Ghost, “Currency” finds The Angels harkening back to the thick, dark vibrations of their first two albums.

Guitarist Christian Bland sets the psych tone of “Currency” with his seismic and frantic riffs, while Stephanie Bailey complements him the entire way with her driving drums. Singer Alex Maas showcases his unique voice and sense of melody to remind the listener of such unsettling truths that “one day, it will all be over” and “there’s no god in who you trust.” Taken together, the band creates a catchy yet complex arrangement.

Listen to “Currency” below and check out the Angels’ upcoming tour itinerary here.