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The Dandy Warhols Live At The Oregon Spirit Distillers

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The Dandy Warhols played live in beautiful Bend, Oregon at the Oregon Spirit Distillers (6/22) with alternative rock band Floater as an opener.

It would mark the first time ever playing live in Bend for TDW, and the event took place in a lovely outdoor setting with absolutely perfect early summertime weather. The only thing that made the evening more amazing was the addition of the original ‘Warhols drummer Eric Hedford on the anniversary date of Zia McCabe joining the band. Hedford filled in for Brent DeBoer who is currently out of the country but will be joining TDW in July starting with the band’s upcoming Colorado dates.

The show attracted a lively audience with many fans traveling in from far and wide to see them. Slight technical difficulties started off their set but the band quickly fell into place, playing many classic fan favorites and hits including: “Be In,” “Boys Better,” “Ride,” “Bohemian Like You,” “Godless,” “We Used To Be Friends,” “Horse Pills” and “Grunge Betty” just to name a few.

I feel like TDW have gotten more seasoned and better over time, which is hard to imagine since they were always so good to begin with. Courtney Taylor-Taylor was in that zone all evening, busting out song after song with his familiar dark, deep and smoky vocals. My only complaint would be that he was standing a little too far back on the stage, making him a good 15 to 20 feet away from the front of the audience.

Zia McCabe emits one of the most badass feminine energies on stage and off that I’ve ever seen. She’s a true rock and roll goddess! Eric Hedford didn’t miss a beat as if he just picked up where he left off. Pete Holmström dialed in all of his many pedals, guitars, and amps creating the most amazing atmospheric and sometimes dirty sounding awesomeness with an equal amount of showmanship, placing him in guitar god status in my book.

A great show, but the highlights of the evening would be “Boys Better,” “We Used To Be Friends,” “Horse Pills” and “Bohemian Like You.”

Not only that, but the camaraderie between the band made it a real magical experience for everyone.