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Stories Of Separation And Pleasure: Tango With Lions’ The Light

Tango With Lions
The Light
Inner Ear Records

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The Athens, Greece-based Tango With Lions have just released their long-awaited third album The Light via Inner Ear Records.

Hailing from Patras (the third largest city in Greece), Inner Ear counts among its roster alternative, avant-garde, and independent artists covering a wide range of genres and aesthetics. From mellow indie pop to torn-apart-rock-bands, Inner Ear is known as one of the indie labels that consistently helps the underground music scene. The Light is their first release for 2018, and it’s an amazing and very beautiful record that’s out on vinyl, CD, and digital format.

Tango With Lions is the personal vehicle of Athens’ Kat Papachristou, a very talented musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, Celtic harp, piano, keyboards, bass). She is considered a veteran of the indie scene in Greece, despite her young age, having played with bands like Interstellar Overdrive, My Wet Calvin, Closer, Travel Mind Syndrome, and Joalz, to name a few.

Success came unexpectedly like a thunderbolt for TWL seven years ago when they put out their debut Verba Time LP and the leading track and official video for “In A Bar” logged 31M views on YouTube. Tango With Lions’s sonic attack is varied, blending indie pop and folk with heartfelt Americana. They play music that comes from the soul and speaks in bittersweet narratives about life’s lucks and misfortunes. Kat’s voice is warm and her style unique and inviting.

What makes Tango With Lions so great is that they are a band of five who aren’t afraid to collaborate. For The Light, they invited a handful of guests in the studio to record.  The result is an album of 9 introspective songs which document a continuing desire to emerge towards the light. The album is filled with stories of separation, pleasure, deconstruction that shifts into nihilism, excessive optimism and the acceptance that darkness and light can steadily coexist.

So, Tango With Lions are back after five years with a great LP. And this is the kind of record which invites you to listen, again and again.

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