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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: The Sighs’ “Love From Lisa”

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More than two decades after releasing their last album, The Sighs returned this summer with a third full-length that brings a brand-new vitality to their harmony-drenched, guitar-driven pop. Once destined to be a lost record, Wait On Another Day found the Massachusetts-bred band drawing from an unearthed batch of demos and dreaming up a fresh sound that’s hook-heavy and full of heart.

Throughout Wait On Another Day, The Sighs explore what bassist Tommy Pluta calls, “The same things we’ve written about in the past: girls and getting kicked around, hopes and dreams and falling in love.”

One of the album’s highlights is the Beatlesque jam “Love From Lisa.” The beautiful new video for the track (directed by Fovea’s Jake DeNicola) follows frontman Robert LaRoche reminiscing about a childhood romance.

We’re introduced to all four band members at first (LaRoche, Pluta, lead guitarist Matt Cullen, drummer Tom Borawski), but then LaRoche spies a woman dressed in white in the clearing of a meadow and he begins to reflect upon his youth and his connection with a girl he loved. Images flash by of the pair as kids, playing and dreaming in the natural environment.

As sitar strings wind around the peppy drum beat and wavering to glinting guitar lines, LaRoche sings in a wistful tone about his past love…

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