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STEREO EMBERS VIDEO PREMIER – “Up You,” the Latest Video Release from Enigmatic Singer/Songwriter RACHEL TAYLOR BROWN’s “Run Tiny Human” Album

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Some artists don’t make it easy. Now, reflexively, you might be thinking that we mean that they’re difficult to deal with, or arrogant, or too aloof in the way of an ‘artiste.’ But no, in Rachel Taylor Brown’s case, it’s simply a case of the material she concocts – ‘writes’ seems too innocuous, too under-serving a verb here – work of such winning peculiarity, that so charms with its mix of natal genius and crafty bafflement (of which it would be a mistake to think it strategic; rather, it is pure instinct), that that little version of you that lives inside your ears spends the bulk of its time while listening to one of her records – of which the latest Run Tiny Human is her tenth – standing inside its windy cave with its mouth agape, so full is it with happy wonder. Feel free to reference her songcraft as ‘avant-pop,’ or some skewed-though-less-freaky ‘freak folk’ or just good ol’ singer-songwriter fare run gently (or sometimes not-so) amok, but all we can say is that we’ve seldom if ever encountered a case of sui generis that, though artistically headstrong, is also quite this sweet and generous with the honesty of her artistry. She may not make it easy – and boy do I know it, having made a run at a couple of her albums – but it being Rachel Taylor Brown, she always makes it worth it. All that said, we’re thrilled to offer you the world premier of the video for “Up You,” the second from Run Tiny Human. Bask and enjoy. You don’t hear a songwriting voice like this every day.