Stereo Embers VIDEO PREMIER – A Fragile Tomorrow’s “Can’t You Hear Me?” LIVE IN TEL AVIV

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Following quickly on the heels of our (rather glowing) review of their Make Me Over album a couple weeks ago, Stereo Embers is proud to present the world premier view of A Fragile Tomorrow’s “Can’t You Hear Me?” video, shot live back on September 1st in a very lively Tel Aviv. With all those elements of “smart aggressive killer pop” present and vividly accounted for – the harmonies, the bright chiming guitars, the rhythmic bounce sharp enough to draw blood – the Kelly twins lead their four-piece through a setlist finale that, judging by the crowd’s jubilant mood, comes after a rousing, ebullient performance. Passionate, genuine, and unrestrainedly precise, it’s the perfect clip on which to launch your weekend and send you into your Friday night energized and smiling. Thanks, lads!


[feature photo courtesy the band’s Bandcamp page]