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Stereo Embers VIDEO OF THE DAY – Eszter Balint’s “Trouble You Don’t See”

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In the end, we really don’t know what to make of her. Eszter Balint proves to be so continuously beguiling that we rather wilt in the presence of her next move. That next move this time is the new video for a track from her latest album Airless Midnight called “Trouble You Don’t See,” an album so rich that this track didn’t even get name-checked in our original review. Absolutely rife with swampy noir inferences, the video can only emphasize Balint’s inherent grasp of the dark nuances that constantly roil at the heart of the human soul. Though that may sound overblown, this video, of this track, will quickly put paid to such impressions. Human, soulful, and full of the very stuff that doubt and conflict are made of, “Trouble You Don’t See” is simply the apotheosis of the intrinsic Balint instinct. In short, it’s a direct, no-bullshit take on the romantic difficulties we’re all too familar with, every one of us. We love her endlessly.