Stereo Embers’ TRACK (AND VIDEO) OF THE DAY – Joseph of Mercury’s “Find You Inside”

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Photo Credit: Luis Mora

Rising Toronto, Canada-based artist Joseph of Mercury (the moniker of songwriter and producer Joseph W. Salusbury) bowed to much buzz earlier this year with early cuts “Without Words,” “Young Thing,” and “Find You Inside,” the title track of his upcoming debut solo EP, due this summer.

The crooner’s melancholic baritone to wistfully airy cries and sophisticated synth-pop burn like glowing sonic embers and recall a choice selection of renowned artists like David Bowie, Elvis Presley, and Morrissey.

Before the music project’s recent launch, Salusbury accumulated a slew of songwriting and production credits, including co-writes on Majid Jordan’s “Something About You” and Illangelo’s “Your Future’s Not Mine,”, as well as production of the vocals on Nelly Furtado and Blood Orange’s cassette collaboration Hadron Collider.

“Find Me Inside” is a standout track from Joseph of Mercury; a retro synth-pop ballad that is at turns seductive and yearning and a showcase for the artist’s malleable and mesmerizing vocals.

The black ‘n’ white film noir-steeped music video for “Find Me Inside” was directed by Gemma Warren and Jackson Parrell. The clip follows the singer-songwriter through a series of alternating static snapshots to moving vignettes. The focus is on a coolly longing Salusbury, but also on the desert landscape and the human-made hotel oasis standing amid the parched and stark natural environment.

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