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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Room In the Wood’s “Magical Thinking”

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There was that post-punk band back in the 80’s, The Room, who split in ’85 and now two of their members after a long course decided it was about time to get together again and write some really good alternative rock-oriented music.

One of those members is Dave Jackson whose name has been involved with The Room, Benny Profane, Dust, Dead Cowboys, under his own name with former Shack guitarist John Head, and as Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers. Jackson notched up seven John Peel sessions with The Room and Benny Profane, in addition to appearing on the Whistle Test, Janice Long and Saturday Live. He has also toured extensively with The Fall, The Violent Femmes, Aztec Camera, The Lemonheads and The Wedding Present.

Meanwhile, guitarist Paul Cavanagh has played with Chinese Religion, Gloss, The Balcony, Ludus, The Room, Top, It’s Immaterial, Gloss and Moongoose. Also, he has performed as a solo instrumentalist as Cabin in the Woods and as one of Mike Badger’s Shady Trio. He has worked with former Room drummer Alan Wills at Deltasonic Records, with acts such as The Coral and The Zutons, as well as managing The Basement.

Jackson and Cavanagh wrote some 30 songs in the past year and they chose 12 of these to put on their new LP, introducing themselves this time around as The Room In the Wood with their S/T debut via A Turntable Friend Records available on June 22.

The lead single “Magical Thinking” was released earlier on April 20 as an EP with 2 more songs that are not included on the album and it’s a gorgeous tune which gloriously shapes the path to the rest of the songs. Brimming with alternative rock attitude, coolness, confidence and a very cozy performance by the band along with a bit of a misty scent all over its arrangement, which compliments the already groovy guitar riff.


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