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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: The Allegations’ “Bedside Manners”

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Our Track of the Day today comes from the New York outfit The Allegations.

A duo comprised of Frank and That Guy, the band play a charmingly ramshackle blend of indie rock and low-fi synth stomp. Taken from their new album Non-Neutered 1% “Bedside Manners” is a soulful blast of swooning Casio-laden folk, delivered in a deliciously rabid sprint that brings to mind the frenetic early work of Ween.

Of the track, Frank says, “That Guy came up with the title ‘Bedside Manners,’ and we each recorded versions separately at home. True story: neither of us knew what the phrase ‘Bedside Manners’ means! That Guy interpreted it in a very sexual way and ended up with a cuckold porn reggae tune–I loved it, but it didn’t make the album! Whereas I instantly pictured a really fussy/fastidious boyfriend of a rather messy, easily distracted girl, and he’s cooing at her to start taking better of herself–and him–or he’ll walk. Albeit in a soulful way–you know, he loves her deep down! I had some fun with my ’80s Casio (especially the handclaps) on this one, and I squealed out a metal solo on my Ibanez about 48 hours before selling it, so it will always be a nostalgic song for me. That Guy told me, whatever I recorded, to end the song by screaming “Noooo!” so I did.”