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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: THE 1865’s “John Brown’s Gat”

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Today we have the pleasure to introduce you the mighty New York collective The 1865 

If you are fans of Bad Brains, Hüsker Dü, RATM, and Living Colour, this band is for you. If you are in the grooves with Death or Algiers, this one is for you as well. All you have to be is anti-fascist and a person who sees no skin color and pays more attention to actions and words. The 1865 is a punk rock collective that was formed in 2017 by musician/filmmaker Sacha Jenkins (The White Mandingos, The Wilding Incident), who also directed the new Wu-Tang docu-series acquired by Showtime. The band came to life when joined by Carolyn ‘Honeychild’ Coleman (Apollo Heights/The Veldt, Badawi) on lead vocals/baritone guitar and famed session musician/pro skateboarder Chuck Treece on drums. The band later added Afro-Brazilian bassist Flora Lucini (Maafa) and drummer Jason “Biz” Lucas (Dragonz of Zynth) to the mix.

In a press release for the band, Jenkins explains: “John Brown was a white man who believed that African Americans should not be enslaved; he was willing to bust his gun (aka his “Gat”) to contribute to the emancipation/liberation effort. The kids today would simply describe him as an ‘ally’. He was willing to put his life on the line and eventually he lost his life on behalf of his Nubian brothers and sisters. We crafted a tune to honor the man. RIP my brother. You were on the right side of history. Donald Trump is a chump.”

The video for the song was directed by Hectah and it combines illustrations by Coleman, visuals and text from old newspapers, and stylized imagery of the band members themselves.

The 1865 Tour Dates:

Nov. 14, 2019 New York – Max Fish (with Rebelmatic, MAAFA, Fear is Dead, Frank Knight, DJ Eddiee Nocentelli) – 21+ event / $5 Door

Dec. 07, 2019 New York – The Kingsland (with H.R. and Human Rights, MAAFA, The Screws, Rebelmatic, Universe Ignore Her, Foxtails) – 18+ event

Jan. 09, 2020 New York – Max Fish (with Rebelmatic)

Jan. 18, 2010 New York – Brooklyn Academy of Music BAM Cafe ||| Black Rock Coalition Celebrates MLK (with Major Taylor) – All Ages / Free and Open To The Public

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