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Stereo Embers’ Track of The Day: Soft Science “Undone”/ “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”

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This is a gorgeous and a lovely release by Test Pattern records ahead of Soft Science’s new album Maps, and it’s the double A-side single “Undone” backed by “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.”

The Sacramento’s five-piece plays with cabled toys on amplifiers, and “Undone” sounds fresh, colorful, airy and groovy. Meanwhile, they offer all their love to the British diamonds The House of Love, covering our Albion friends’ 1989 number “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.” Soft Science’s music at its core is quite eclectic and fruitful as true shoegaze-rock music is, and they seem to make music with confidence and ease.


Their musical DNA is similar to that of Ride, Lush, and Stereolab’s in terms of how they blend their motions and artistic gestures and move from indie guitar fuzzes to dream-pop numbers. They are open-hearted in their melodies and they easily build sonic bridges from California to Manchester, with sweetness and bliss.

Check out “Undone” first–let it take you on its trip and listen to the delights of this wonderful syndicate and how they perform with such sonic effortlessness, and next let it roll to the House Of Love number.  It takes a certain vision to replay such a song after almost 30 years without making it selfishly yours but instead showing your audience what true love really is.

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