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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Philippe Petit & Friends’ “Black Dog”

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A composer from Marseille, Philippe Petit would rather be introduced as a “musical travel agent.”

Petit has performed the last 20 years all across Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia, and Asia. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who gathers ideas from all over the world and the festivals he is invited to play. His music is a combination of cinematic-oriented sonicscapes with indie rock and experimental electronic textures.

Petit’s new album  Philippe Petit & Friends – On Top came out this week via Aagoo Records, and it’s an alternative musical collection of nine inspired avant-garde songs where he offers contemporary artistic wanderings in the streams of indie rock, no-wave, and experimental noise music. Many of the tracks are blended with acoustic and field recordings, sometimes heavily processed, sometimes not at all.

The first single off the album is “Black Dog” which finds Petit playing accompanied by Charlie Fink (Noah and the Whale) on vocals, Rafaelle Rinaudo on electric harp and Herve Vincenti, who handles guitar and percussion.

Throughout the album a lot of the musicians are either free-styling or sometimes locked in a tight arrangement. On other occasions, quite a lot of strange instruments appear out of the curtain in Petit’s controlled world of surreal musical modernism.



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