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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Maheekats’ “Money Bunny” (John Fryer Mix)

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Southern California’s Maheekats are back with a dynamic new music single and video for “Money Bunny” (John Fryer Mix) off their forthcoming EP Circle of Dominion.

The haunting dream roc’ duo, Craig Camp (drums, bass) and Clara Hembree (vocals, guitar) have joined forces with the legendary music producer John Fryer in this all too familiar tinsel town money trail story. Fryer brings his signature dark undertones to the mix. while Craig and Clara push genre lines on the Alt-Rock track with an added Hip-Hop dynamic by Nigeria’s Fega Michaels.

Fredo Ortiz (Beastie Boys, Gogol Bordello, The Offspring) contributed drums, which were recorded by Paul DuGré (Paul And Mike’s Recording, LA).

 The accompanying video was shot and directed by Augustine Zepeda (Zepeda Cecilia Productions) at The Crooked Path Apothecary (owned by Sal Santoro and Popi Mavros) and in and around L.A. with the featured talent of ‘Dark Harmony’ and ‘Pris’. Fega Michaels also adds her artistic visuals, filmed in Nigeria. The video was edited by Craig Camp and Clara Hembree.

 Camp explains, “The inspiration behind “Money Bunny” came from an experience that Clara had in Hollywood. She was shopping for a Killing Joke record and saw some girls in a convertible drive by and one of the girls flashed some guys on the sidewalk. The song is about money-loving girls in Hollywood who play guys to get their money.”

He continues, “We were really excited to work with John. We sent him several demo songs for consideration. One of the songs he encouraged us to pursue was “Money Bunny.” It was great experience to have his touch on Maheekats music.”

 Fryer adds, “Yeah, they sent me a pile of songs but “Money Bunny” really stood out to me as a fun and super pop alt song. They are really fun to work with and looking forward to working on more songs with them but enjoy this for now.”