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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Klammer’s “Modern God”

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Leeds, UK-based post-punk quartet Klammer  have released their new single “Modern God” ahead of their third You Have Been Processed LP slated for release later in the summer via Under Dogz Records.

Klammer were formed in 2014 by producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, Terrorvision, The Mission, Jane Weaver etc) drawing from the members’ shared love for all things angular, dark, and loud. The band’s melodic soundscapes and sonic walls come in the original and misty British style–and, it totally rocks!

The band has worked hard together in recent years, constantly touring and sharing the stage with names like The Skids, The Undertones, Richie Ramone, Penetration, The Membranes, and Rebellion, as well as putting their name in The Great British Alternative Festival in Skegness-Lincolnshire.

The band’s live performances are no nonsense post-punk and dark pop played with purity and no veils or tricks at all. The band’s ethos seems to be that great songs need only a simple but inspired hook and it will travel effortlessly through the listeners’ veins. Klammer’s music is designed without any superfluous fills or needless mannerisms–and as a result, they’re one of the most lean and powerful bands around.


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