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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Indira May’s “When I Hear The Music”

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Our Track of the Day today might very well be the definitive song of the summer.

Indira May’s “When I Hear The Music” is the banger of the season, for sure, but it’s also so much more than that.

The British singer has that out-of-the-box brilliance that brings to mind Amy Winehouse or Madeline Peyroux, in that she’s arrived a fully-formed artist in possession of preternatural poise and musical aplomb.

Produced by Alfie Aukett, “When I Hear The Music” is filled with jazzy finesse and torch song cool; a delightfully scratchy piano fill summons the grooves of a well-worn record and in just over three minutes (and thanks to a decidedly catchy chorus), it’s a song you feel you’ve known your entire life.

A tale of female empowerment, world-class confidence and street smart soul, May’s song is a reminder that inner strength is far more powerful than external strength and one’s instincts are rarely wrong. And when she warns, “Soon you’ll understand that you’ve been playing me with a losing hand,” the song takes an effortless right turn and is redolent with a delicious dose of flipping the tables on an unsavory partner.

Taken from May’s upcoming Simpler Things EP (August 27th), “When I Hear The Music” is an elegant warning shot that signals the arrival of a rather massive talent.

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