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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Flesh Eating Foundation’s “We Are Fucked”

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It’s a wonderfully angelically molded world when industrial Stafford-based cyberpunks Flesh Eating Foundation arrive to give it a kick and a laugh at the expense of Mr. President T.

We Are Fucked LP is the seventh official release over the last ten years for FEF, (Sonic Entrails Records) and is available in all digital formats via the band’s Bandcamp site. The album’s 15 tracks include 5 remixes in 2 titles by Alien:Nation (alright!), Inertia (alright!!), XSRY (aha!!!), Paresis (yus!!!), and Mr. Strange (oh-man!!!) whose cyberpunk sonic attack won’t let you rest.

Sired by Front 242’s mechanical monoliths and blended with all the familiar sonic poisons that have been provided through the years by ministers like Skinny Puppy, Coil, Nitzer Ebb, Alien Sex Fiend and Atari Teenage Riot, the boys here are racing against Rabia Sorda and Hocico to win the most exploding and aggressive trophy: the Mad Max Intergalactic ammo for a blazing future! No synthpop allowed, no futurepop chords, no EBM singing for love and punishment, only an electronic punk raid to the soundsystem.

John E. Smoke (songs, noises and shouting, deafness and blindness), The Juddaman (writing, voices and noises) and Jules (axes and shouts) are flanked by Mash and Big Un on guitars when the mood is right.  John E. Smoke is known as one of the few deaf/blind musicians working on the scene and can often be seen with his lovable noise-loving guide dog JJ. Much respect and admiration here and he says that, “‘We Are Fucked represents exactly where the band is at the moment. Two decades into a career and we see no reason to be any less angry, any less outraged at what is happening in the world, and we have built lots of new synths and noise devices to help us express our feelings.”

FEF plays aggressive and sharp music for the body and the mind of a pretty pissed off soul.


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