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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Crooked Ghost’s “Roadkill”

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Asheville’s post-punk rockers Crooked Ghost put out their new Skeleton House LP last November and the limited 12″ vinyl edition is coming out this February (15).

So far, the band has released the official video of Sleepwalker, and earlier this month they unveiled the brand new official video for “Roadkill.” Both songs are simply great and part of a fabulous album.

Crooked Ghost blend dream-punk flashes with inspired indie rock and this heavily emotive and hypnotically lush album is the band’s sophomore effort. It’s a dark and hazy dreamscape of rich and angular melodies combined with a stark lyrical rawness that touches on addiction, trauma, loss, superstition, and everything that gets left behind after a catastrophic event.

The video was created by Devan Burger and shot at the band’s practice space along the Blue Ridge parkway in the freezing cold. Shot in sort of a paranoid b-film style, it looks like a creepy ode to going on dates with serial killers, fast cars, being a teenage runaway and secret desires.

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