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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Burning House’s “Mirror Song”

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Attention: Very Loud Rock Music directly ahead.

Hailing from Southampton, UK, Burning House presented their brand new single “Mirror Song” last November from their anxiously awaited Anthropocene album due out in early this year.

This trio plays very loud rock music that’s full of shoegaze storms and bewitching psychedelic fuzz that’s filled with power and charm. If your soul eases with bands like A Place To Buty Strangers, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr, and early Jesus And Mary Chain, then Burning House is definitely a band that will be speaking (loud) to you!

They play with unruly feedback and frontman/guitarist Mr. Mills offers a dose of grinding soul with loud feedback-driven and adventurous post-rock ideas. Meanwhile, the bass player Mr. White plays like a real sharp-grinder while Mr. Taylor on drums opens the road for his two colleagues like a true and an unstoppable furious train. Put all these together in a sophisticated and powerful arrangement and you have tornados of piercing rhythms storming over a shoegaze plain.

The single also includes “Peach” on the b-side, which is in the same style, yet imbued with more melodic and subtle amplified dream pop levels.

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