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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Broads & Milly Hirst’s “Happisburgh”

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British electronic duo Broads have revealed their new track “Happisburgh” (pronounced ‘haze-bruh’).

This is the first single from the new 6-track Ollust LP (which means ‘Always’ in the local dialect) from the Norfolk-based duo,which came out via Humm Recordings. For Ollust Broads teamed up with long-time collaborator Milly Hirst to take another leap into the unknown, recording an almost entirely analog album built around pianos, drones, field recordings, and wordless vocals. The single is built around ideas of a town disappearing into the sea – history being rendered in front of us, and future folk tales falling into place. The accompanying video, most fitting considering the thematic, was filmed and edited by Mark Jennings.

Once again, Broads are experimenting with sounds and sonic fields from the avant-garde. The key to their music is to understand how they use field recordings which veer effortlessly to the abstract. The band brilliantly leave enough space in their music for the listener to imagine the missing vocal lines, keeping them implied in the arrangements.

It’s all magical musicality and it is a challenging goal to achieve.

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