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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Beauty In Chaos’ “Bloodletting”

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With Halloween only days away, Beauty In Chaos are ringing in the darkness with a cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song).”

The L.A.-based Goth collective’s reading of Johnette Napolitano’s track from 1990 reimagines it as a Bourbon Street breakdown, filled with shadowy vocals courtesy of BIC’s braintrust Michael Ciravolo, who’s backed by singers Whitney Tai, Kat Leon and Tish Ciravolo.

The New Orleans vibe permeates the nearly seven-minute track and every second is filled with dark and delicious grooves, spooky sax lines and pure post-punk prowl.

“I always loved this song, as Johnette’s lyrics painted an eerily realistic picture of my hometown,” Ciravolo says of the song. “On a recent trip there, I found myself walking through some dark side streets in the French Quarter with my BIC producer Michael Rozon and the freaky sights and sounds had this song ringing in my head.  I heard a saxophone wailing from a distant club and that inspired this cover idea.  Fortunately for me, my friends Tim Palmer and Richard Fortus had just produced the latest Furs album and kindly made an introduction to Mars. I’ve always loved what he plays with one of my favorite bands and he thankfully agreed to be part of this.”

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