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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: System Corporation’s “Apathy Is Easy”

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New Zealand’s alternative/indie rock outfit System Corporation released their new “Apathy Is Easy” single March 18, via most online music stores and streaming platforms.

Following their debut “Dismal Universal Hiss” single last April, the band comes up with another amplified and loud enough song which also includes social/political lyrics. The band’s new single was inspired by poor voter turnouts at elections around the globe and is accompanied by a radio edit and the Apathetic Remix by Southern Tribe, the side and solo project of the band’s guitarist Andrew Newth dedicated to sonic explorations of atmospheric downbeat and ambient territory.

“Apathy Is Easy” is arranged on a mid-tempo amplified rhythm ground which first, grooves the song, and second, leaves space for the lyrics, a method that effortlessly pulls the listener into the song’s meaning and music. It’s a calculated and on the same hand uncontrolled result that the five rockers from NZ know how to manage beautifully.

And it rocks!

The Apathetic Remix…finds new motions in the track where the audio channels are mounted on a sort of tribal sonic environment, keeping the rhythm as it is but letting the automation and the on/offs enhance the music.

The band sings:

I believe 
I am convinced 
You made me see 
So I believe 
The answers lie 

But I don’t want to 
I don’t want to 

One listen to this track and you’ll want to follow them for sure.

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