Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: “Something Different” by Flaunt

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Enigmatic American audio-visual collective Flaunt put out its Rave Noir opus, composed of 18 songs, each with an accompanying video, last year and now the group is back with a new single ahead of its upcoming EP, The Antics of More Youthful Times. The EP is scheduled to arrive on Christmas day via SoundCloud (and the usual digital platforms January 6th) and it’s an attractive package that expands upon the act’s palette of sounds.

Lead single “Something Different” truly is different from Flaunt’s usual repertoire. Eastern emanations mix with tropical audio waves to produce something alluring and alternative in the interesting sense of the word. Globular, xylophone notes kick off the track and then a laid-back swaying rhythm builds up with plucks of acoustic guitar, ticking and shaking percussion, and hushed, but sinuous male vocals.

The around-the-world music vibe also blends in shadowy synths spray and the brightness of electric guitar streaks. The vocalist sing-talks in a soft, smooth manner akin to Eagle Eye Cherry, sighing reflectively, “When you came along / something happened to me / What was once a dream / became reality.”

A new full-length album is expected from Flaunt in 2017.

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