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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: ShapeShiftingAliens’ “Showing My Face”

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The Stockholm-based electronic and alternative duo ShapeShiftingAliens have just released their self-titled album.

The band is comprised of singer J.P. Cléve and Niklas Rundquist, who, prior to the formation of ShapeShiftingAliens, have been keeping themselves busy.

Cléve has been a producer, composer, live musician and studio session player, touring with artists/musicians like Haakon Pedersen, Mia Kempf, Lasse Lindbom. Meanwhile, Rundquist, who played on Lustans Lakejer‘s first record and performed with The Leather Nun, has been composing music for films, documentaries and commercials and has created music for Cirkus Cirkör, Iodine Jupiter, and various artists on the London scene. Not only that, but he still plays with The Leather Nun (on violin) and stands behind Brainshadow, too.

ShapeShiftingAliens’ influences vary from David Bowie and Lou Reed to Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and The Residents. As we are used to in the Scandinavian approach to electronic pop music, our duo here makes things a bit weirder and more alternative than others working in the genre. They know how to create and arrange catchy riffs and melodies and even though the minimal approach is a current trend and a trademark style in the Scandinavian music scene, ShapeShiftingAliens follow their own and unique path of instrumentation. 

The album was released through The Sublunar Society, an indie record label and publishing company, founded by Marie Lundvall and Peder Bjoerk. Sublunar releases music and publishes literature for the international and national markets. The company also produces exclusive limited edition art products for collectors. The guiding spirit behind is one of artistic freedom and creative exploration beyond the conventional.

The first single from ShapeShiftingAliens’ debut is “Showing My Face,” an entertaining song of high-quality electronic pop which comes with an entertaining/uplifting video. It’s weird, addictive, and groovy! The single will be available across online stores and streaming platforms as of March 8, as well as The Sublunar Society’s own Bandcamp.



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