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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: We Are Parasols’ “Dim”

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Portland alternative electronic outfit We Are Parasols are set to release their Inertia album via No Movement Records on December 8.

It’s a 14-track LP of electronic darkwave and industrial-gaze storms blended with some fuzz, mist and the voice of D who’s an actual witch! And the fact is, this year you won’t listen to any better Witch-House electronics from the crypt with pounding beats and pitch-black menaces from the keyboards. The synths navigate the trio’s music on chords and fills that come straight from the darkwave world. Lyrically the record isn’t as gothic as you might think–it includes urban anxieties and social-political manifests.

“Dim” is rife with these elements: yes to liberty, no to racism, no to the politician who insults his nation, and no to his followers around the world, those “dull eyed men with poison shame test their power staking claim.” In many ways Inertia is a high-concept story of an android sex worker in a dystopian future navigating the sheer chaos of mankind. Artists like Enki Bilal or Alejandro Jodorowsky have put their mark on such dystopian themes and they seem to be a big influence for We Are Parasols.

“Dim” sounds a bit like a delicious underwater suffocation–like something or someone needs to break through but a dark force is keeping it under surface, away from the clean air of freedom.  But sneakily enough, D suggests that the real freedom might be beneath the currents.

The band says about the video for the clip,”This isn’t the video we intended to make but it’s the video we felt we had to make.”


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